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On February 22, 2024, Intuitive Machines' IM-1 lunar lander, Odysseus, successfully touched down on the Moon's south polar region via the Spacex Falcon 9 rocket. Carrying twelve payloads—six from NASA and six commercial—it represents the first U.S. lunar landing since 1972 and the inaugural commercial lunar landing.

Among the commercial payloads is the Codex Nova collection features images of creatives from around the world from the Lunar Codex Museum of Art, including the bronze sculpture "Reminiscence" by Oceana Rain Stuart. It also includes the first artwork by female artists on the Moon. This historic mission, encompassing Odysseus and all payloads, is now officially recognized as a de facto Artemis Accords Heritage Site. All art, writings, music, and film stored on Codex Nova are now part of humanity's designated heritage, to be preserved for posterity.

-two of Oceana Rain Stuart's figurative bronze sculpture sculptures have been included in an historical art collection on the Moon. This mission will make Stuart one of the first women artists to have artwork on the lunar surface.

The mission of the Lunar Codex, is to preserve the richness of our world today, and despite the hardships of life artists continued to create art. This mission will feature contemporary artists from around the world. It was founded and curated by physicist, bestseller author, Emmy winning producer; Dr Samuel Peralta. This collection of art has been called the most expansive, international, and diverse selection of contemporary culture ever launched to the Moon. Notably, it is also the first mission to launch the works of women artists to the Lunar surface. 

The Lunar Codex


The Lunar Codex and Lunar Codex Museum of Art were founded and curated by Dr. Samuel Peralta.It encompasses 35,000 contemporary artists, writings, music, and films, representing 233 countries, territories, and indigenous nations, launched to the Moon and beyond. Within this expansive collection, twenty-two works by Oceana Rain Stuart are featured in the Codex Nova, Serenity, and Polaris missions.


*The Codex Nova mission contains a selection of works from the Codex Nova and Codex Polaris collections, representing only a small fraction of the total works archived by the Lunar Codex. Stuart's work Reminiscence is an inclusion in this collection.

Nova Codex Missions to the Moon stars and beyond

-Codex Orion - Launched Nov 16 to Lunar Orbit, Returned to Earth Dec 11, 2022

-Codex Peregrine - Launched Jan 8 to Lunar Space, Re-Entry to Earth Jan 18, 2024

 -*Codex Nova - Launched Feb 15, Landed Lunar South Pole Feb 22, 2024.

This mission represents the first U.S. lunar landing since 1972, the inaugural commercial lunar landing and the first artwork by female artists on the Moon 

 -Codex Freya - Launching 2024 to MTA-2010-CD55 2025 et Ultra

 -Codex Serenity - Launching to Lunar Southern Hemisphere 2024

-Codex Polaris - Launching to Nobile Crater, Lunar South Pole 2024 

“When I was notified that my sculptures were selected to go to the moon, I felt incredibly grateful and honored. To know that my artwork will reside in a permanent art collection of the first female artists on the Moon is exciting. Lunar Landers have previously been sent to the Moon with art time-capsules of famous male artists, but this launch is the first time for female artists, and this is one of her reasons why this mission is historical. My art practice is based on my interpretation of the human condition and the fragility of human life. My hope is that in years to come this time capsule will be rediscovered by visitors to the landing site and will serve as a relic of the past identifying aspects of life on Earth as seen through the eyes of artists in a beautiful effort of merging art with science. I hope this mission inspires humanity to follow dreams and passions.” said Stuart.

Image by Nathan Anderson


LifeShip is Earth's genetic record on the Moon- a DNA biobank consisting of several missions to the Moon and future missions venturing into the stars. Stuart's contributions as a LifeShip artist include twenty-three images of her work, where she is one of three artists within the permanent collection. The first mission including Stuart's work is in 2024, and multiple future voyages thereafter.

(LifeShip is unrelated to the Lunar Codex)

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