Oceana Rain Stuart - contemporary figurative sculpture artist 

“My desire is to share the particular qualities that provoked my feeling of anticipation during the molding process. My work reflects my inspiration and curiosity from the beginning stages through to the finished bronze and patina. I search for a deeper reality combining the mysterious to a world of subtleties. I am fascinated by the beauty and grace of the human form and by how each face shares a unique lifetime of stories, to me this is true beauty."


Sculptor, Oceana Rain Stuart

and her Eternal Bliss bronze sculpture.



OCEANA RAIN STUART is a figurative, sculpture artist and poet. Stuart was born in California and grew up in a multi-generational artistic family. At a young age, Stuart knew her life path was to create art and is primarily self-taught. Stuart has exhibited in multiple museums and galleries internationally and in the U.S., such as “The Leonardo Da Vinci Society”, “The Natural History Museum” in Los Angeles County, “The National Sculpture Society”- where she is an Elected member, “The Haggin Museum”, “The American Women Artists”, “Salmagundi Art Club”, “California Art Club”, “the Louvre”and the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art. Some of Stuart's awards include: 2019 and 2020 finalist for the 14th and 15th annual “Art Renewal Center”; ARC Salon, 2018 finalist for the Non-Commissioned Portrait category by “The Portrait Society of America”, 2019 Alizarin Award by “The Representational Figurative Art Conference”, 2017 Figurative Artist of the Year by "Art Comes Alive" and 2017 Pre-Selected Artist by the “Figurativas” competition of the Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona (MEAM). Stuart’s work is collected publicly in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary art in Catania, Sicily (MACS).






As a figurative bronze sculpture artist and poet, my purpose is to find empathy in the work I create, and to explore tension and complexity of the subject matter. I’m fascinated by subtle physical gestures, like the movement of a hand, the gaze of the eyes, as well as contradictions that are enclosed in body language and how each face shares a lifetime of stories. My passion is in expressing this through my work. 


Something powerful happens when we let our guard down - we become vulnerable, instinctively primitive and essentially raw. It is an honor to witness moments in life like these, that lure the viewer in, if only for a moment, it is an experience and an opportunity, so naturally expressed by life that it is inspiring artistic material for me. And in these moments the human condition gives me endless ideas for my practice.


I sculpt primarily from life in plasticine clay. I then utilize the lost wax method for bronze and apply a patina and wax sealant on the finished bronze figure. I am particularly interested in emotionally evocative subject matter, expressive of humanity and often use symbolism in my work. My molding techniques and surface treatments often blend qualities of realism and surrealism.