Oceana Rain Stuart - contemporary figurative sculpture artist 

“My desire is to share the particular qualities that provoked my feeling of anticipation during the molding process. My work reflects my inspiration and curiosity from the beginning stages through to the finished bronze and patina. I search for a deeper reality combining the mysterious to a world of subtleties. I am fascinated by the beauty and grace of the human form and by how each face shares a unique lifetime of stories, to me this is true beauty."


Sculptor, Oceana Rain Stuart

and her Eternal Bliss bronze sculpture.

OCEANA RAIN STUART was born in California and is a realistic, figurative, sculpture artist. She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stuart grew up in a multi-generational artistic family in the US. She also lived in Europe as a young adult where she was inspired by many of the masters of the past as well as the present. At a young age, Stuart knew that her life path was to create art herself. 

Stuart considers herself to be primarily a self-taught artist. She has attended classes at the Art Institute of San Francisco, the Laguna College of Art and Design, and workshops with Anatomy Tools and Cicero D'Avila. Stuart also teaches figurative sculpture in her Atelier.

Through her work, Stuart explores emotionally evocative subject matter that is expressive of light and dark qualities of humanity. She often uses symbolism as a metaphor that creates tension and through figures that appear to be in a state of conscious, subconscious and unconscious dreaming. Stuart's unique molding techniques and surface treatments intuitively blend the worlds of realism and surrealism.

Stuart has exhibited in group exhibitions in many accredited museums and known venues internationally and in the U.S. They include The Louvre Museum; The Leonardo Da Vinci Society; The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County; The National Sculpture Society; The American Women Artists; The Salmagundi Art Club; The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art; The Catharine Lorillard Wolf Art Club; Allied Artists of America and The California Art Club where she is a Jury elected Artist member. 

Some of Stuart's awards include being selected as a finalist for her work "Eternal Bliss" in the “Non-Commissioned Portrait" category of the Portrait Society of America; the "Pre-Selected Artist" award for her work "A Love Remembered" for the "Figurativas Painting and Sculpture" competition of the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona; the "Figurative Artist of the Year" award for her work "Eternal Embrace" by the "Art Comes Alive" National Competition and second place for her work “Eternal Bliss” from The Representational Art Conference Competition and exhibition in Ventura, California.


Stuart work has been published in numerous publications and books and was included in Southwest magazine’s list of “Ones To Collect”.

​Stuart has exhibited in solo exhibitions such as the Leonardo Da Vinci Society where both the Consul General of Italy, Lorenzo Ortona and the director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Paolo Barlera introduced Stuart and gave a talk about her work.

Stuart’s work is collected publicly in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary art in Catania, Sicily and in various private collections within the U.S and internationally.